Really feeling a part of it all at Ty Hendy

August 15, 2018

Rebecca, an individual with Prader-Willi Syndrome, lives in the apartments at Ty Hendy, near Swansea, and is keen to share how she is enjoying life and really feeling a part of the place. Feeling extremely proud of everything she is achieving Rebecca has given consent to share her story below along with a treasured photo of her new outfit, purchased very recently on a shopping trip with support colleagues.

“Hi, my name is Rebecca.

I have been at Ty Hendy for 5 years and I really enjoy living here. I have made loads of friends and I get on really well with the staff. I have got a hamster called Charlie and I have had him for nearly two years.

I do interviews for Ty Hendy as it makes me feel a part of the place and I enjoy doing interviews as I think I am very good at it.

I go home to my family once a month and I really look forward to seeing my family. I have Prader-Willi Syndrome and I work really well with my calories and working towards being more independent.”

Rebecca who is supported by the team at Ty Hendy takes part in all the interviews being fully involved in Consensus’ values-based recruitment process. Katy Preedy, Operations Manager in Wales says, “Three years ago, Rebecca was a part of the interview process for Lorraine the Service Manager for Ty Hendy” adding, “She’s a tough nut in interviews and asks all the best questions!”

In line with organisational values Consensus actively encourage an inclusive approach in all aspects of support provision and that includes interviewing potential employees.

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