Ready to roam in their own backyard

July 4, 2018

During a tenants’ meeting one Sunday afternoon in the pub, people supported at Norwich Road were asked if this coming summer they had any ideas about how they would like to spend it. All are keen gardeners and love spending time together.

Support colleague Carole mentioned that she had previously worked with people living with dementia and had created a space were individuals could go and reminisce about past times spent with loved ones and friends, which involved buying a caravan and filling it with memorabilia.

Everyone in the pub at the meeting agreed this was a great idea and began planning how to get the money together for their own caravan vision to come to life.

Colleagues, Angie and Charlotte created a GoFundMe page and placed a penny pot in the office. Charlotte made contact with local events’ organisers and was successful in getting a table at ‘The Lark in Park’ running a tombola which combined with the other initiatives raised enough money to hit the £400 target.

Norwich Road now have a caravan and have been busy creating the perfect seaside garden hide out, they still have a long way to go, but are having fun creating a space for everyone to enjoy!!!

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