Red Nose Day with The Brambles and Steps Supported Living

April 22, 2015

Friday 13th March 2015 marks over 27 years since the first Red Nose Day event was televised, which saw the UK raise £15million. This year the total topped a whopping £78million and was in part thanks to everyone at Steps Supported Living and Brambles.

For this year’s event, the Supported Living staff and Brambles staff wanted to organise a fundraising event that was a bit different from the usual – something that would break the ice a bit more between the two services and get everyone together doing something that they love. The teams soon realised that everyone loves dancing (right!?) so they decided a talent show would be a good idea and they soon got all of the people they support on board with the idea.

The evening saw eight amazing performances and a very entertaining funny face competition. The tag line for this year’s Comic Relief was ‘Make Your Face Funny For Money’, so everyone had the option of paying 50p to stand up and do exactly that. The line up saw John L, Paul, Jenny, Joanne and Michael do expressions no one knew they could, with Guest Judge; Steps manager Natalie Turley awarding the winner’s certificate to John.

The talent show had seen ABBA tributes, the best dance moves Links’ floor has ever been graced with and a very oriental Kung Fu inspired routine. Everyone had practiced for weeks and when it came to their performance it really showed. The winner was decided by everyone casting one vote for who they thought deserved the coveted ‘Live at Links’ trophy. Once everyone had stopped attempting to vote for themselves, it became apparent that there was a clear winner!

Michael McCrossan stunned the audience earlier in the evening with a big finish to his Elvis tribute act and everyone agreed that his winning trophy was well deserved.

By the end of the night we had raised £21, which may not seem like a lot compared to the £78,000,000 raised in total, but this can vaccinate five children against deadly diseases like meningitis, tetanus, and pneumonia. Everyone at Steps and Brambles has made a huge difference to five children’s lives and they should be rightly proud of themselves!

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