Quality is not an option but more a commitment we make

December 28, 2017

Throughout 2017 Consensus has achieved consistently high levels of compliance, as measured by the percentage of our registered services rated by the Care Quality Commission as being either ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ on inspection. Compliance across all CQC registered Consensus services currently stands at 96.4%. In addition Consensus operates a number of other UK based homes, in Scotland and Wales, which are regulated by their relevant statutory bodies. These homes are all currently fully compliant and therefore overall UK compliance for Consensus is now 96.8% and well in excess of the industry benchmark figures.

James Allen, Managing Director of Consensus shares his thoughts on the high levels of compliance and quality.

“The achievement of the highest possible standards of quality is at heart of everything we do. Without this commitment we would be unable to deliver our purpose of supporting opportunity, choice and success for the individuals we support. Whilst quality can be measured by the various internal and external inspections and audits that take place, the real test of good quality is how it is experienced by the individuals we support as part of the many interactions they have, with colleagues on a daily basis.

If we get those interactions right and provide additional support through high quality learning and development, clear policies and consistent and inspirational leadership then, we can reassure ourselves and our stakeholders, that we can be trusted to provide the best support available.

Where things go wrong we believe it is important to investigate events thoroughly, to be transparent in what we have found and what we need to put right. We encourage all colleagues to speak up when they feel things are not right and promote a culture of continuous improvement that celebrates success but also learns and changes practice when needed.

Delivering quality is not an option but a commitment we make to the individuals we support and an expectation we set for all colleagues.”