Quality of life gets a thumbs up from the CSSIW

January 17, 2017

The Care and Social Service Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) recently carried out a scheduled, unannounced, focussed inspection at our Caerleon services in Newport, Wales. They have been rated as fully compliant with no areas of regulatory non-compliance being identified during the inspection.

Consensus offers a domiciliary support service for people living in supported accommodation or within their own private homes. The service is registered to provide personal care for people over the age of 18 who may have learning disabilities, physical disabilities and/or mental health needs.

The CSSIW concentrated on the quality of life for people using the service. They firstly reviewed information they held by about the service, which included the previous inspection report.

They then visited the supported accommodation and talked with six people living there, including deputy manager, community services manager and other colleagues. They observed support and care practices and interactions between the support team and individuals and between the people themselves receiving a service.

They found areas of consistent good practice and noted that since the last inspection many additional positive improvements had been made. A more flexible staff rota had been implemented which is enabling individuals with support to access the community more independently. This is having a positive impact with individuals taking part in more diverse activities, such as attending music concerts and the theatre and one person just recently arranging their own birthday party out in their community.

The CSSIW also noted that the company through their drive for continuous improvement has also been pro-active in assessing their processes and policies identifying areas for further improvements, which are planned for early 2017.

Overall, the CSSIW found that outcomes for people were positive stating; “People made their own choices and their decisions were upheld. There was a range of activities on offer. People’s needs and preferences were understood and there was good communication between the support team and individuals. People were treated with care, kindness and respect.’

They continued; ‘People have choice and influence. This is because staff support individuals to take control and make their own decisions. People said that they made their own choices about what they ate, the clothes they wore, their activities and personal care. One person had just returned from shopping having decided where to go and what food and Christmas presents to buy.”

The CSSIW heard colleagues offer people choice and carry out their wishes. One person explained how they liked to be supported, “I look after myself in the day and sit and chat with someone in the evening, off-loading.”

People are active, positively occupied and stimulated. The service provides people with support and opportunities to take part in activities and interests that are important to them. The CSSIW found evidence in daily notes and from discussions that people attended events such as music concerts; one individual told them that they were going to see their favourite band in Swansea. Another person told them that they loved horses and that twice a week they visited a farm to tend the horses.
Colleagues support people to go into town, go shopping and do household chores. Other people enjoy time at home, colouring, watching TV and listening to music, “There’s plenty to do here,” an individual said. One person showed the CSSIW that they had a drum kit in their room and said that they were learning to play. Another individual said, “I like to sit in the garden, they [staff] can see you but you can sit quietly there, relax. I go to and from the village on my own.”

The CSSIW observed that individuals were relaxed and at ease with colleagues. A key worker waited patiently for an individual to articulate their views. Care workers demonstrated affection and concern for people’s well-being and individuals spoke well of staff. One person told the inspector’s they felt respected and added, “There’s very much a family buzz about this place, everyone’s on first name terms, which is important. I noticed the staff are well balanced. I get awfully upset and irritable but staff understand that as they know where I’m coming from. I feel I am recovering here.”

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