Prader-Willi Syndrome is a rare, genetic disorder affecting one in 15,000 people in the UK.  While the condition is characterised by a chronic feeling of hunger and range of cognitive, behavioural and physical issues, every individual’s experience of the condition is unique.

In support of PWS Awareness Month, Consensus Gretton are sharing stories and videos as part of their on-going #PWSandme Campaign which looks beyond PWS as a condition to the people whose lives have been touched by it, with the aim of creating better understanding and awareness.

From what it’s like Living with PWS “through the eyes” of individuals who have PWS, Parenting sons and daughters with PWS at different stage of life and Working with individuals with PWS in a support setting, our campaign covers the good times, the challenges, the moments of joy and pride that lit up each stages of their journey. Their experiences, in their own words.

Our #PWSandme campaign explores personal stories and unique experiences of PWS

Living, Parenting and Working with PWS

From the initial anxiety of the first steps down an unknown path, to the struggles encountered through different stages of life, hear the experiences of Mothers, Fathers, individuals with PWS and their support workers in their own words.


Through my eyes

Our film explores what it is like to live with PWS, ‘through the eyes’ of different individuals who have the condition, including the variety of daily challenges an individual can face and the impact this can have on their quality of life.


PWS is characterised by an excessive appetite and a range of cognitive, behavioural and emotional challenges; but with the right support, individuals with PWS can lead a happy, fulfilling life. To learn more, watch our ‘What is PWS?’ animation below.

More about our PWS services

Our PWS services #stayhome

Read about how our supported individuals with PWS in the Midlands and North have been staying home and staying safe during these difficult times.



Our PWS Outstanding services











We constantly strive to deliver best practise and quality across all areas of the business to make a real difference to the lives of the people we support with learning disabilities and complex needs.


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