Peter’s Success at Courtwick Park

December 15, 2011

Located in Littlehampton, West Sussex, Courtwick Park offers accommodation for 11 individuals with learning disabilities and complex needs. The service has its very own day centre, Stepping Stones; staffed by a specialist activity support team who deliver a range of internal and external activity programs.  The centre is equipped with its own trampoline, computer room with touch screen facilities and a sensory room.

Transitions to Courtwick Park are gradual for some, a visit for dinner or an overnight stay. Once an individual has settled through the transition period and is starting to enjoy their life at Courtwick Park, an appropriate person centred support plan is developed in agreement with the individual to reflect their needs and aspirations.

Below is an example of how the work we do at Consensus enables individuals to achieve positive outcomes and personal fulfilment.

Our staff team is committed to delivering quality services and continuous improvement. Courtwick Park, like all services provides individual support, promotes positive development and fosters a meaningful lifestyle in a comfortable and homely environment.

At Consensus, our philosophy is to support every individual to achieve Opportunity, Choice and Success.

Peter’s Story:
* names have been changed to protect privacy

Before moving to Courtwick Park, Peter displayed a variety of challenging behaviour and wasn’t eating properly. He would abscond at any opportunity and displayed erratic mood swings. Peter would refuse to sit down at mealtimes preferring to ‘steal’ food than to eat what was on offer and this lead him to be underweight. Peter suffered irregular sleep patterns and experienced painful migraines.

The support team at Courtwick Park have helped Peter to turn his life around and as a result he is much healthier and happier. Support staff worked with Peter on his personalised food plan which included encouraging him to help himself to food from the kitchen and make himself snacks. Peter’s migraines have reduced as he now replaces chocolate with exotic fruits and is keen to try different types.

Peter now goes shopping in the local supermarket where he is supported to choose his own food: Peter now has a much healthier relationship with food as a result of the support he is recieveing at Courtwick Park.

The team at Courtwick Park knew it was important to provide Peter with an environment where he felt safe and calm. Peter was supported by the team to create his own lounge; he chose the paint, rugs and beanbags and he enjoyed personalising the rooms with his belongings. Peter regularly spends time in his lounge, reading magazines and relaxing. Peter has a personal activities programme and he enjoys going swimming, cycling and walking.

By providing Peter with his own space, stimulation and exercise this has had an extremely positive impact on the challenging behaviours he exhibited when he first arrived at Courtwick Park.

Support worker Brian says:

‘Peter has made wonderful progress since he first arrived at Courtwick Park. He is calmer, sleeps better and communicates much more.

It’s so wonderful to see peter making friends with others supported at Courtwick. We are all delighted with his progress and enjoy seeing him flourish’.

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