Partnership working and re-investment ensure Walton Road evolves to meet local demand

April 17, 2018

We appreciate the huge pressures that commissioners face. That’s why at Consensus we work collaboratively with local authorities and clinical commissioning groups up and down the UK to identify local need and respond to them with high quality, value for money, timely solutions.

That can translate into developing brand new services or evolving and enhancing existing ones to meet local gaps and need in the market and the Transforming Care Agenda.

We participate regularly in market engagement projects with Essex County Council, reviewing and discussing their approach to social care and their values. We are proud to have worked alongside other providers and assisted in the development of Essex County Council’s Care Market Strategy, shaping the market for years to come. It seeks to address what type of provision might be needed for people and how best that can be provided, and is built on six key principles including being outcome focused, and promoting independence, something which links very closely to our own ethos and values.

We have also worked closely with strategic commissioning teams to ensure that we are a part of their market shaping, offering a joined up approach which drives solutions that meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our society.

We are also very pleased to be a contributor to Essex County Council’s annual supplement ‘The Gift of Care’ that seeks to encourage people to consider a career in social care. We value this opportunity understanding that it is vital to recruit the right people who have the skills and values to adequately support the people in our services.

Through our long standing relationship with Essex County Council we re-adapt and re-invest in services which are no longer in demand, seeking to continually support any identified unmet need in the area. Walton Road presented as an ideal property to re-develop to meet such a need.

Conversations with Essex County Council go way back to when Walton Road existed as a residential service for individuals with a learning disability. It provided for a shared living opportunity, but was a very small environment and people moved on, with it then remaining empty for a period of time.

A need was identified relating to a shortage of good quality, supported living options, particularly individual flats for people with learning disabilities and complex needs such as challenging behaviour or those living with Prader-Willi Syndrome, and the requirement for new services that could mitigate compatibility issues.

Through our partnership, Walton Road has been completely refurbished and reconfigured from a residential home into six individual flats in which we have invested, that can now meet local demands and affords the opportunity for those seeking a greater level of independence to live within their community with support to take full advantage of everything it has to offer.

Receiving positive feedback on the refurbishment from Essex County Council, Walton Road is very well located, being near to town, train station and the seafront. It is also situated amongst good local community facilities, including a local College that supports people with learning disabilities.

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