Parents Fly Into Perrywood House To Support PWS Awareness

April 29, 2016

Parents came from far and wide to join Perrywood House this week for a very special cultural evening. Perrywood House offers accommodation and support for seven adults living with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) and is a part of the Gretton Homes family based in the Kettering area. Caroline White the home manager organised the evening so that the parents and extended families of the people receiving support could meet each other and the support team and see for themselves the care being provided for their loved ones.

The Chinese themed evening was a special event on the Perrywood cultural evening calendar. Supported individuals and support team help Caroline decide the theme for their cultural evenings which they hold every two months in local venues. On this occasion they agreed it would be beneficial for the families to meet each other in a spacious relaxed environment and so instead they decided to host the event at Perrywood House so that they could easily host the 34 guests. Supported Individuals decorated the dining room with all things Chinese, planned the menu and also organised a colouring competition based on a Chinese theme too. The meal was cooked from scratch by the support team and individuals for their guests and received many compliments on the night.

Parents came from as far afield as Guernsey, the Wirral, Norfolk, West Sussex and Nottinghamshire. Some stayed for an extended period to enjoy some quality time with their sons and daughters, with some being joined in addition by siblings. There are just few homes available nationwide that can offer specialised support and accommodation for people living with PWS.

Many of the parents were meeting each other and the full support team for the first time and it provided a valuable opportunity for them to swap experiences of difficult challenges faced by the supported individuals and themselves in seeking a diagnosis and finding specialised support and accommodation. Many commented how much they valued this opportunity and have formed friendships that will provide them with extra support and knowledge.

Caroline White said; “Parents were very complimentary about the care and support provided by the team and felt assured that their son’s/daughters have a good quality of life. They left gifts at the end of their stay for the home including flowers, plants and a very kind donation towards the purchase of a new flat screen TV for the living room at Perrywood House.”

Caroline and her team gave each family a framed photograph of all the individuals and support team at Perrywood House to take away with them as a memento of the evening. As the event was so well received she plans to organise another bigger event next year for everyone to meet again in a hotel centrally located in the UK.

Perrywood House provides specialist support for people with learning disabilities including those with autism, early onset dementia and the rare congenital disorder Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS), which is characterised by a constant desire to eat food. This can easily lead to dangerous weight gain, restricted growth, reduced muscle tone, learning difficulties, behavioural problems and all too often premature death – frequently as a direct result of poor health correlated to morbid obesity. To counter this, Perrywood House provides fresh, nutritious and calorie controlled meals combined with regular visits to the local gym and swimming pool as well as regular walking. Perrywood House and Gretton Homes also works closely with the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (PWSA) and will be supporting them during the PWS Awareness Week 9th – 13th May 2016. They will be encouraging colleagues to give up treats for a week and raising funds for the association through a variety of activities.

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