Out and About with Neil House

June 9, 2011

Now that spring is firmly with us, the people at Neil House are looking forward to getting out and about in the sunshine with a host of fun activities planned.

Shrove Tuesday kick-started the sunny season with a pancake making and flipping extravaganza.

Service Manager Debbie Shannon is keen to encourage the people she supports to enjoy their hobbies and baking cakes and biscuits is becoming a real favourite at the service.

Debbie said:

“Everyone at Neil House loves cooking – getting stuck in and making a bit of a mess!

“We all really enjoyed Pancake Day and it was a delicious treat for everybody.”

Neil House is a residential service supporting four individuals and, as the days grow longer, Debbie has lots of plans for exciting activities for both services users and staff.

“Now the weather’s better we’re going to start rambling, sailing twice a week and going bowling on a Friday.

“Everyone really enjoys outside activities and we try to keep them as varied and as interesting as possible”.

Debbie also produces a regular newsletter to let the parents and guardians of service users know what’s going on.

“It’s important to let people know what we have planned at Neil House and to give friends and relatives an opportunity to get involved.”