Our Quality Checkers are experts by experience

We think it is important that individuals living within our services can share their views and talk to someone about how they are feeling about the service provided. Our team of Quality Checkers are employed and paid by us to do just that. They all live within one of our services, so are experts in the issues faced by people with learning disabilities as they have a disability themselves. With their lived-experience, they are able to bring invaluable insight and ideas, whilst also developing new skills and friendships along the way. Ultimately, they can observe and highlight things that others may not pick up on and provide vital feedback to ensure every individual living within one of our services is safe and happy.


“I’m proud of the way that, at Consensus, we listen to each individual we support – understanding their needs and aspirations – and we then support them to achieve their goals.”

Jackie Preston

Best Practice & Operational Support Manager

I have worked in social care since 2000 and have worked at Consensus since 2015. Before that, I managed an older people’s residential home and was a Quality and Compliance Coordinator in older people’s care.

My role here involves ensuring that the right systems, processes and management teams are in place to maintain a safe, effective and reliable service. We strive all the time to deliver the highest quality support to the people who use, live and work in our services.

One of the best parts of working at Consensus is seeing a person we support achieve something they’ve not done before and seeing how proud they are.

I’m very proud myself of some of the things I’ve achieved in my role here. As well as building a successful team of Quality Checkers who report in to me as their Line Manager, I sit on the Best Practice Group and have been involved in reviewing and updating the support plan template. I’ve also been involved in implementing the new keyworker system.

Outside of work I… enjoy keeping fit. I go to the gym several times a week, including Zumba and spin classes. I’ve also recently rediscovered ballroom and Latin dancing.

“I really enjoy going around the services and making sure everything is being put in place and people are doing their jobs properly.”

“I am proud to have moved on to be the Quality Checker Manager and feel as though I am part of a good team within Consensus.”

John Leicester

Lead Quality Checker

I have been living within a Consensus service for 14 years and have been in my Quality Checker role for the last 4 years. Since December 2019 I have also taken on a new role of Quality Checker Manager.

My favourite thing about being a Quality Checker is meeting all of the people in the different homes and giving them a good service.

My biggest achievement as Quality Checker was when I was promoted to manager, this made me feel really proud. I was also very happy when my PA, Lisa, came back to work alongside me.

Outside of work I… enjoy going on walks, playing on my PlayStation and doing some gardening. I also love History!

“I like helping people less able than me to make their lives easier.”

Kelly Bridges

Quality Checker

I have been living within Parvale House, a specialist residential service for people with Prader-Willi Syndrome, for 2 years now. I started my job as Quality Checker in April 2019.

Being a Quality Checker is very important to me. I feel proud being able to help people who aren’t as able as I am. I feel I have the skills to help individuals living within the Consensus services have their say.

My biggest achievement as a Quality Checker is overcoming certain challenges that are involved with living with PWS. This includes walking into kitchens, being around food in certain situations and being able to control my PWS as well as doing my job at the same time.

Outside of work I… enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, playing on my Nintendo DS or Wii, cooking, swimming and going to the cinema or theatre. I also love to go on walks and go on spa day outs.

“I give my feedback, because I’m an expert by experience.”


“I am looking forward to helping others.”

Louis Diaz

Quality Checker

I have been living within a Consensus service for just over 5 years now. I was employed as a Consensus Quality Checker in July 2021.

The reason I wanted to become a Quality Checker was so that I could help as many people as possible who live within one of our services.

Being a Quality Checker is important to me as I get to meet new people, including people we support and colleagues too.

Outside of work I… enjoy going for a Costa Coffee, going out for nice walks around the local area and having a chat with the Consensus colleagues.