Our Team

Our leadership team have helped develop and grow Consensus Gretton to be the world’s single largest provider of PWS services.

We understand the difficult realities commissioners of care face with ever increasing pressure on budgets and finance and equally the vital part families play in finding the right care and support for their loved ones.

As an energetic management team we continually challenge ourselves so we don’t compromise on delivering the highest standard of support for the people who live in our homes. Our Managers and their support teams receive regular training to ensure they’re up to date on the latest legislation, guidance and safeguarding training and take advantage of ongoing training opportunities to develop their careers.

Kathryn Clarke

Head of Strategy and Operations

“I cherish that I am in a position to make a positive and tangible difference to the lives of people with Prader-Willi Syndrome.”

I’ve been with the company since the early 1980s and actually started at Consensus Gretton as Catering Manager. I became General Manager in 1997 and Head of Strategy and Operations in 2011.

Mine is a truly diverse role – no two days are the same. I provide operational and strategic direction for the Prader-Willi Syndrome services, ensuring that we are always providing the very highest level of support and expertise to the individuals we support.

Outside of work I… spend time with my family, visit the theatre and dream of holidays in the Greek Islands.

Myles Kelly

Prader-Willi Syndrome Liaison Officer

“We’re effective because we listen to, and understand, the people we support, helping them to turn their wishes and goals into opportunities and achievements – and an all-round better quality of life.”

I’ve worked in social care since 1986 when I began my career as a care assistant. I progressed to senior carer and then management roles supporting people with learning disabilities, many of whom were also living with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS).

As part of the Consensus Gretton management team I manage enquiries through to admission wherever I can and I help to support the more complex and challenging placements. I act as the interface between Consensus, the PWS Association and its various associates plus medical professionals in the UK and further afield.

Outside of work I… enjoy family time, playing golf, music, politics, film and TV.


Gail Ghavami

Operations Manager – Specialist PWS Services

Gail is Consensus Gretton’s longest serving employee commencing her career in 1982. Gail has worked in a variety of roles and was the first person in the UK to manage a PWS service when Parvale House opened in 1997.



Karina Carvell

Deputy Divisional Manager – Specialist PWS Services

As Deputy Divisional Manager I work closely with all the Service Managers who run our individual homes for people with PWS. This includes supporting them with the recruitment, induction and training of colleagues who work within the specialist PWS services.

I also provide training in how to support adults with PWS to colleagues working across Consensus’ learning disability services, who may be supporting adults with additional complex conditions which can include PWS.

I started at Consensus Gretton in 1997 as a Support Worker and was quickly promoted to more senior positions.  I was instrumental in developing successful healthy eating plans which form a key element in supporting people with PWS and to help them manage their diet.  These plans were rolled out across all the PWS services where healthy, nutritious, balanced meals are an important part of everyday life.


Our PWS Services Managers

We have 12 services located in Northamptonshire, Peterborough, Dunblane and Essex. The majority of our services offer a residential setting and we have a supported living service in Essex.



Our Positive Behaviour Intervention Team

From a range of backgrounds in health and social care the team bring decades of experience in supporting people who display behaviours which others might find challenging, including those associated with PWS.