Meeting and making friends over a BBQ

June 28, 2018

Robert has not long been living with Consensus at Phoenix House and as a team we have been working together to build up a good strong relationship, centred around trust and fun!

Robert lives by himself and because he doesn’t receive many hours in his support package, finding the time to encourage him to meet and make new friends can be hard. With the sun shining, and Robert wanting to make the most of the Bank holiday, we went out and started talking to his neighbours. They told Robert that there was a barbeque arranged for all the residents of his block and asked if he wanted to join them. Although a little nervous, with the team’s reassurance that they would come to, he went along and met lots of new people, had a couple of beers, a burger and hot dog. He was particularly excited afterwards to tell his sister that he had even eaten some salad!

The most pleasing thing to come out of the day was that all the residents were very welcoming to Robert and reminded him that they are all there for each other. He even met an old friend from seven years ago that recognised Robert straight away and they had a lovely time reminiscing about funny stories, including some drunken ones! Robert has since suggested that he would like to host a BBQ in return some time.



Photo credited to Maria Fernanda Gonzalez_567471_unsplash

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