Matty’s Newsletter – Primrose Bank part of Grovelands Farmhouse

November 18, 2016

Prior to Matty moving into Primrose Bank, part of Grovelands Farmhouse seven years ago, he had lived within a secure unit, for around 18 months. Whilst there Matty had spent long periods of time by himself, with little or no interaction with others or structure to his day and consequently lost most of his daily living skills. This experience resulted in an increasingly high number of behavioural incidents.

Having made the move to Primrose Bank, Matty has been supported by a stable support team who have been in place from the beginning. Professionals such as our own behaviour practitioner worked along-side the team, providing a comprehensive and person centred behavioural support plan. Matthew now has a very structured daily routine, facilitated by the use of visual aids, such as an activities board, daily schedules, pictures, photos, and written instructions.

This helps him a lot and the number of incidents have decreased significantly since he has been at Primrose Bank. Once per week, his support team will co-ordinate the forthcoming week to provide structure and a range of activities each day. Forward planning enables specific trip outs and keeps specific tasks and activities on a routine and easily predictable timetable for Matty. Where Matty struggles with particular tasks, the team have developed Task Analysis, whereby they break the task down in small components that then become easier for him to learn and complete.

Relaxation is an important element in Matty’s support plan and the team support him to participate in a variety of activities he enjoys such as swimming 3 times a week. These opportunities also provide time to have fun and benefit from some exercise. He is now accessing his community, going to the local supermarkets and choosing the food he prefers.

This is gradually helping to increase his confidence when being around other people when out in the community. He’s now visiting pubs, restaurants, McDonalds and other fast food places, where he would have been very reluctant to go before.

Personal Hygiene is very important to Matty but his past experiences had meant that he was not able to use public conveniences but with the support and encouragement of the team and the use of Social Stories, he is now using these without any issues, increasing the time he can spend in the community without anxiety.

A visit to the seaside was not something that Matty would consider when he first began exploring opportunities in the community for fun and relaxation. But again through a new found confidence, new destinations and longer trips out mean Matty is now very happy to go on the beach, enjoying throwing a few pebbles into the water and walking on the beach.

Building on successful achievements he has now really enjoying visiting lots of places, like parks, castle ruins, and lakes, where he enjoys feeding the ducks.

He has just recently purchased an iPad, which he had never seen or used before.

The support team have successfully introduced Matty to the iPad, a totally new concept for him. With much delight he is now using it by himself, watching his favourite cartoons every day and is constantly excited about discovering new things about the iPad.

In order to build upon Matty’s achievements in accessing the community and spending longer outdoors the team are now looking into ways and strategies to facilitate a holiday for him, something that he has never experienced before. The support team believe that whilst this next goal will not be without its challenges and could take a long time to work towards, it is achievable.

Meanwhile, supported by his team Matty, has been putting pen to paper in an effort to stay in touch with his loved ones. Matty has set about writing his own newsletter to keep all his friends and family updated on what he has been up to in his daily life.

The entries include details on his many trips and activities, with Matty providing opinions on what he has enjoyed and what he hopes to do more of in the coming months.

You can see the full spring edition of Matty’s newsletter by clicking the newsletter below



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