Making special memories

March 19, 2019

Belstead Mews has had a great few months. Visit’s to London on the train, parks, picnics clubs in the local community have all been enjoyed. All the young people have participated in various activities and holidays and two young people have celebrated their 18th birthdays.

The Premier Inn has a special meaning for one young person as it was a place he went with his family for an overnight stay on the way to Cornwall for a family holiday. Since being in a residential setting he has missed this experience and constantly talks about it setting up Belstead Mews up as a Premier Inn so that he can role play with the team. We thought it would be great for him to have an overnight stay at a Premier Inn for his birthday. His social worker approved the idea, so colleagues Danielle and Holly made plans with the local Premier Inn who were more than happy to facilitate the overnight stay. They ensured that a joint room was ready and decorated his room with birthday banners and balloons, they also agreed to him having his evening meal in his room. On arrival the young person was ecstatic, thoroughly enjoying the room, watching tv, listening to the radio and inviting his support team to go off to bed at 8pm! Closing his door to absorb the room, he woke Danielle and Holly with a knock on the adjoining door at 7.30am the following morning.

With a badge, lanyard and keys for him to keep, he returned after breakfast to Belstead Mews telling everyone what a great time he had showing everyone his gifts.

Another young person went on a family holiday for three nights. This was the first time for the family in seven years and they were so excited and proud that the young person was now in an emotional space to be able to cope with the experience. As a family they had been going to France every year until their young person was unable to go due to circumstances. It really was a wonderful experience for them all and they are now planning the next one.

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