Supported individuals make a difference through Volunteering

May 29, 2020

National Volunteering Week takes place every year at the beginning of June. It’s about celebrating the huge amount of people who freely give their time in so many ways.

Volunteering can include working at a Charity shop, helping out a local organisation such as a zoo, going into schools or hospitals to provide support, collecting funds for a local or national Charity – the list is endless and there is something to suit everyone. 

Across Consensus many of the supported individuals volunteer in a number of different ways, giving them a role within the community and adding value, interest and structure to their daily lives. The individuals at Parvale House excel in a few different voluntary jobs.

Fiona finds time to fuss over the animals

Fiona has three voluntary jobs including working in a creche and t a charity shop and has been working hard in these roles for nearly 10 years. However, she seems to love her voluntary job at the kennels the most and loves looking after and feeding the animals.

Fiona works hard feeding and cleaning out the animals and still finds time to give the dogs and cats lots of fuss.

Lisa’s confidence and skills skyrocket

Lisa has been volunteering for the last few years at the Barnardo’s charity shop in Corby which has seen both her confidence and skills skyrocket. Lisa is now able to work the tils as well as tagging and organising goods in the shop. Last year, Lisa received tickets to see boyband ‘The Vamps’ as a reward for all her hard work.

Lisa has also taken part in various fundraising events for Barnardos including a ‘25 mile race at your own pace’ which saw her walk more than 25 miles in a month.

Sarah isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty

Sarah has been working at a local dog rescue and re-homing centre for more than two years, taking the dogs for walks, playing with them and of course giving them much needed cuddles. Sarah absolutely loves her job at the centre and many times comes home covered in mud, dog slobber and fur but with a huge grin on her face.

Sara is seen in the picture with one of her favourite dogs called Prince who she was both overjoyed and saddened to go to a new home. Sarah loves working with animals and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. The dogs all seem to love her too!

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