Under Lock and key, the Dispatches programme aired by Channel 4 on 1st March 2017

March 2, 2017

It is distressing to again see highlighted poor treatment and support of vulnerable people with a learning disability whilst they were in the care of a service intended to keep them safe. It is a reminder of the failings at Winterbourne View and the need for everyone involved in the care and support of vulnerable people to remain focused on the quality of the services they provide. The Transforming Care programme has seen significant investment since the events of Winterbourne View and there is much for commissioners and providers like Consensus to be proud of and good reason to be positive about the future.

Consensus has been working in partnership with people with learning disabilities, their families and commissioners of services for more than ten years to develop innovative alternatives to secure services and effective solutions to support people to move on from inpatient services.

You can read more about Consensus’ new developments here