Living the good life at Ty Machen

June 9, 2011

It’s been green fingers and muddy knees for the people supported at Ty Machen who have been growing their own fruit and veg this year.  A variety of fresh produce is grown at this Caerphilly Service including beetroot, potatoes, green beans and strawberries which proves very beneficial in supporting  sensory issues.

“Individuals we support get a great deal of sensory stimulation from helping grow their own vegetables, the smell of the vegetables and the texture of the soil in their hands” explained the Manager of the Home.

“We use the Active Support Model as the basis for a lot of the support we offer here at Ty Machen and try and engage the individuals we support in a variety of different activities.”

Everything grown at Ty Machen is turned into scrumptious food and everyone gets involved in cooking with nothing going to waste.

“All the individuals we support love creating delicious food from the vegetables grown in the garden”

“It gives them a great sense of achievement to see the produce they have grown end up as their dinner!”

There is also a sensory room at Ty Machen which includes projectors, coloured lights and a soft area. “The sensory room is vital in the care we offer here at Ty Machen. Not only does it help stimulate the people we support but it’s also immensely useful to create a calm area where people can relax.”