Links are proud to present two new displays

June 28, 2018

Early in 2018 people who attend The Links Day Centre, with support, decided to make a new display about their New Year’s resolutions and put it on the walls for all to see. This involved everybody thinking about what they would like to achieve in 2018. Support colleagues at The Links made sure everyone’s voice was heard and that they were supported to put down their own individual thoughts and hopes for the year. It was nice to have everyone’s input within the display.

The second board shows the seven wonders of the world. A group of people that attend The Links have an interest in history and geography and came up with the idea to start a new project. This involved months of hard work and dedication, which included visiting the local library to research different events around the world. Individuals supported also sourced more information and facts from the internet with support and wrote these out for inclusion within the display.

The project also involved a lot of craft work; lead support worker for this session Keshia did a fantastic job encouraging, keeping people motivated throughout, and everyone involved felt very proud of their efforts. It became a wonderful discovery session for all involved and has proved very interesting for visitors to the centre.

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