Friendly and caring residential service in West Sussex

Little Smugglers is a five bedroom modern detached house with spacious grounds in the rural village of Crawley Down offering a small, nurturing residential setting. The service provides highly person-centred support for younger adults with learning disabilities, autism and highly complex needs. Compatibility is key, where we ensure any individual joining the service will fit in with the people who live there. The service benefits from specialist support and personalised strategies from a dedicated Positive Behaviour Support Coach. This ensures that everyone living at the home, including those whose anxieties lead to challenging behaviour, have a good quality of life in a nurturing and positive setting.

What are the benefits of living at Little Smugglers?


Individuals who live at Little Smugglers are in their 20’s and 30’s and have many choices to live busy lives. With a caring, positive and enthusiastic team there is a lively atmosphere at Little Smugglers, where there is a focus on helping each individual to achieve their goals and aspirations and to have the opportunity to participate in lots of activities within the local community.

Little Smugglers has a communal dining room, lounge area, conservatory and a cabin house and sensory area in the fenced garden. With an open plan kitchen setting as well, individuals are able to help themselves to snacks and drinks.

Little Smugglers benefits from a semi-rural location but with easy access to the large town of Crawley and its many shopping and leisure amenities. There are good bus and train links close by offering plenty of opportunities to get out and about.

Individuals attend local social clubs in the day and evening and sometimes enjoy going out together or meeting other friends. They are also involved in the planning of events at Little Smugglers such as festivals, afternoon tea and BBQs where family and friends are always welcome.



“I like it here, I have a lovely room and the staff are kind to me.”

Supported Individual – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – December 2019

Charlie’s Success Story

Charlie, a 34-year old man with a learning disability and autism moved to Little Smugglers, a residential learning disability service in West Sussex from a hospital setting four years ago. When Charlie first arrived, he was very withdrawn, he didn’t like to venture out of the service and would refuse personal care – sometimes for days. 12 months on the team are delighted by the positive
progression Charlie has made.



Come and visit Little Smugglers

“The manager is really good, they are very focused on the residents and what they need.”

Consensus Colleague – Quote from CQC Inspection Report

The Positive Behaviour Support team…

With a focus on Positive Behavioural Support, Little Smugglers has a dedicated PBS coach to help minimise behaviours which others might find challenging and help alleviate anxieties in individuals who have such challenges so that they can have a positive quality of life.


Coming together during difficult times…

Our highly experienced support teams embrace our ethos of supporting opportunity, choice and success in all that they do. They often come up with fun, innovative and thoughtful ways of keeping the people they support safe, happy and involved in decision making too!