Learning whilst working earns Carol her QCF Level 3 Award

July 6, 2018

Carol Croft, a Support Worker at Gretton House in Northamptonshire, has, after 27 months of dedicated learning proudly attained her QCF Level 3 Award with support from Caring Homes Group and Qube Learning.

Carol embarked upon earning her Health & Social Care Qualification in February 2016, accessing it through Caring Homes Group’s Learning and Development Department and Qube Learning. At the time there were a lot of changes being made with regards to the qualification itself, including change of title, eligibility criteria and what the course and qualification would involve.

However, this did not deter Carol and she soldiered on, even with the new introduction of a formal Mathematics Level 2 Qualification then introduced as an element of the course. This part horrified Carol as she felt she had not done this level of learning and or tests etc, since her school days!

“However, it didn’t put me off too much” shares Carol, who admits she struggled with the Mathematics work each time she was required to do an exam sharing, “When I say struggle I mean tears and all!”

Carol did not give up and her passion and stamina to achieve continued, despite a few challenges including; training provider and assessor changes, her own IT worries regarding her ability to use the PC to produce work. Carol reminded her colleagues and assessors that she had very basic PC skills and hand wrote most of the work she could.

Regardless, she carried and also managed the English Level 2 qualification that also became part of the coursework.  It’s fair to say when Carol signed up originally, no-one realised the level of Maths and English that would become included.

It is a true testimony of Carol’s tenacity and character that she has achieved the Final Qualification after 27 months of hard work, commitment enduring lots of emotions and tears along the journey. Carol herself beamed with pride when photos were taken with her 9 certificates on attaining her QCF Level 3 Award.

With mixed feelings of great relief and pride Carol says, “I struggled, but I stuck in there and got past it.” The entire team at Gretton House are immensely proud of Carol and say she has been and continues to be an absolute inspiration.


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