See how the people we support express themselves and their talents

During LD Week, we are celebrating this theme as art and creativity is a big part of our support at Consensus. Encouraging the people we support to express themselves creatively in a way that has meaning to them can be hugely beneficial for their overall well-being.

This is particularly true of art and creativity where individuals can express themselves and their emotions and see what they can create and develop on a page, on a screen or maybe in sculpture. This can provide focus and direction for someone and not only create a sense of achievement, but build confidence in trying new things and increasing skills in other areas of their life too.

There is no right or wrong – there is no expectation to get something ‘perfect’, or even to finish it if someone doesn’t want or feel able to. It’s not just taking a pen to paper, it’s having the freedom to be creative. For some individuals it’s about getting visual stimulation, feeling various textures used in the creative project and for many it’s about their interaction with their support team. The main thing is having a positive effect on individuals’ self-esteem and well-being, so they feel proud and have a sense of achievement for themselves.

Take a look at our video and stories to learn about the different ways we are supporting individuals to communicate and express their emotions through art and creativity…


Creativity is everywhere within our services

The people we support are always using creativity to express not only their ideas, but their emotions too.

Using clay to show how Covid was affecting them, artworks on what ‘good care’ looks like and creating canvass paintings, sculptures, models, mural and on-line designs in their everyday life, we celebrate it all in our video.


Consensus Calendar inspiring talents

Our team of Quality Checkers organised a competition for the supported individuals to come up with creative designs for each month of the year with a winner being picked for each month. The winning artwork for each month is proudly displayed in our 2021 Consensus calendar.



Read our stories on why art and creativity is important to the people we support 

Using creativity to overcome adversity

From exotic birds and safari animals to eclectic patterns and self-portraits, over the Covid-19 lockdown, the supported individuals at Kingarth, our residential service in Greater Manchester, flexed their amazing art skills to produce some fabulous wall art to add to their gallery at the service.


The Quality Checker ‘Good Care Month’

Our team of Quality Checkers play a vital role as advocates for the individuals we support, ensuring their views are heard and acted upon to help improve how we are delivering care and support. They also often come up with some fantastic initiatives for the people we support to get involved in.


A creative solution

When supported individual, Brian wanted to find a safe way to show off his amazing artwork, the team at De Parys, our supported living service in Bedfordshire, came up with just the idea! Brian has always enjoyed expressing himself through art and loves to spend time colouring intricate designs as it helps to relax him.


Positive Behavioural Intervention Team

One of the key tenets of PBS is that people should be able to express themselves creatively in a way that has meaning to them. Our team provide tailored Positive Behaviour Support and a person-centred, values based approach which; recognises the connection between behaviour and communication, responds to the purpose behind the behaviour, recognises that everyone has unique strengths and talents.



Our accommodation and services across England, Scotland and Wales

Residential services

Each of our residential services is unique and accommodates people in smaller settings designed to feel like their home. The people we support need and deserve the very best support, and with small services we’re able to tailor everything we do to each person. Our services are almost all in carefully adapted houses in attractive residential areas close to shops, services and community resources.


Supported living services

Our supported living services allow people with learning disabilities, autism and complex needs to have greater levels of autonomy and independence through having their own tenancy and to have maximum choice and control over their lives. Individuals will have a person-centred, bespoke support plan alongside their tenancy which enables them to lead a full, active, meaningful life within their local community.


Every individual we support has their unique goals and dreams. At Consensus, we spend time learning and listening to what’s important to them, what their needs and wants are and what goals they’d like to achieve.


Our accommodation options provide a range of services to meet specific and bespoke needs including: Residential Services with and without nursing, Supported Living Services, Short Breaks and Community Support.


Read about how we are supporting people to move into our services during the pandemic and the procedures we have put in place to keep everyone safe, including the individuals we support and our colleagues.