The Laurels (5 self-contained flats) and The Oaks (2-bedroom shared apartments) are individualised and adaptable living spaces for individuals with a learning disability and complex needs, including Autism, Prader-Willi Syndrome and behaviours that challenge. The unique settings form part of Ty Hendy, an innovative learning disability service based in Carmarthenshire, Wales which also supports people with learning disability and dementia (The Hollies).

What makes these settings unique are their ability to flex and evolve to suit the needs of each individual, with the support team taking a truly person-centred approach that focuses on responding to each individuals unique needs and triggers and adapting the support and environment accordingly.

Our team at Ty Hendy show dedication and commitment to the people they support. This is recognised and validated by team members regularly being  finalists and winners of sector awards including The National Learning Disabilities & Autism Awards and The Wales Care Awards.

Individualised and adaptable living spaces for individuals with a learning disability and complex needs or those requiring a ‘stepping stone’ to Supported Living

The Laurels (5 self-contained flats) and The Oaks (2-bedroom shared apartments) are unique settings that provide individuals with learning disabilities and a range of complex needs with an individualised and adaptable living space that helps reduce environmental triggers while also providing the enhanced support and safety of a residential service.

These settings have been successful in supporting individuals with:

  • Challenging behaviour
  • Autism
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome

They are also an ideal ‘stepping stone’ for individuals to develop the daily living skills they need to live more independently or move on to Supported Living.


View our case studies from The Laurels and The Oaks

Rebecca’s Case Study

Rebecca, a 27 year old lady with Prader-Willi Syndrome moved into a self-contained flat at The Laurels after a previous placement broke down. Having her own living space, specialist support and the safety of a residential service has enabled Rebecca to manage her condition and really flourish.


Luke’s Case Study

Luke, a 23 year old man with a learning disability, moved into a self-contained flat within ‘The Laurels’ after he began to struggle with day-to-day living and his placement in the community broke down. After supporting him to regain his confidence and daily living skills, Luke is now ready to move into Supported Living in the community.



Ty Hendy – The Hollies

Is a unique specialist setting for individuals with a learning disability and early- onset dementia/dementia and cognitive decline, who may also have a physical disability and profound needs.



Quotes from Ty Hendy’s latest Care Inspectorate Wales report 


Meet Lorraine Jackson – Ty Hendy Service Manager

“The Laurels and The Oaks are often used as a ‘stepping stone’ by individuals to learn the skills needed to move on to Supported Living.”