John inspires others with his Makaton knowledge

August 15, 2018

John who is supported to attend The Links Day Centre, near Wellingborough, has used his knowledge of Makaton to teach other individuals that attend the centre beginners Makaton.

John has always had a passion for sharing his knowledge with others and approached team members to discuss utilising his skills in leading a session with a group of his peers, when they attend the centre.

The first session went well with the entire group joining in. John was delighted with the level of participation and will be providing information sheets for each person, with the signs illustrated enabling them to refer to these within the session and going forward.

Some of the signs that were taught in the very first session included the alphabet, animals, and items of food and drink. John was pleasantly surprised to find that some of the group members had some prior knowledge of Makaton and were able to demonstrate this to the rest of the group.

John is keen to continue the group following the success of his initial session and is exploring opportunities with team members, such as implementing games and puzzles in which Makaton can be used.

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