Jim’s back in the game

August 9, 2018

Jim who lives at the Heathers in Kettering, was supported to rekindle a prior passion by visiting a virtual golf centre in Corby.

Jim developed PTSD and encephalitis, after many years proudly serving in the army. It has severely limited his mobility and his short-term memory, meaning that he can’t recall very recent events. His long-term memory is fine however, and he can recall and share details from many years previous.

During a discussion with his support worker Sam, Jim reminisced about playing golf when he was in the army, something which he had loved. He expressed a concern that his current mobility challenges may mean that this would be something he could no longer hope to do.

Understanding very clearly how important this was to Jim, support workers Sam and Leeanne researched and found a virtual golf centre locally for Jim to visit. Jim was delighted and visited recently enjoying a game. He commented his back hurt a little but joked this was probably because Sam had not carried his clubs around for him!

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