Jian’s Story – support with access to education

May 21, 2012

Jian has always been keen to expand his horizons.  When he first arrived at Frinton House he expressed a desire to engage with other people and take part in more community based activities.  Although he is a very able person, Jian does require support with financial matters and personal care, but this has never stopped him from wanting to seek out new challenges and opportunities.

When Jian and his support team reviewed his future goals it was agreed they would look together at courses at the local college, where he could build his academic skills and expand his social circle.  Jian enrolled on two courses at a nearby college where other residents at Frinton House had enjoyed real success.

A plan was put in place whereby Jian would initially be supported through the full college day with a support worker from Frinton House and, as his confidence in this new environment grew, the level of support would gradually be reduced.

Jian took to college life incredibly quickly.  Within a short period of time his artwork was being shown at public exhibitions, which was a source of great pride for Jian and his friends alike.  Over the course of the academic year his independence grew – within a few months Jian’s support worker would only remain with him until lunchtime and by the end of the year he was confident enough to be completely independent during the day, with support travelling to and from college.  The staff team at Frinton House have kept in close contact with Jian’s college tutors throughout the year, to ensure his support needs are met at all times.

In this supportive environment Jian has flourished.  He was immensely proud to receive an award from his tutors for being the most dedicated student on his course earlier this year.  With continued support from the team at Frinton House Jian’s confidence and desire to learn have blossomed, and he has now embarked on an evening class at another school, and is looking forward to achieving success through new opportunities.

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