James goes behind the scenes at Harry Potter World

June 21, 2018

James who lives at De Parys in Bedford, has been a big fan of Harry Potter from a very young age. During a discussion with his key worker James said he would love to visit ‘Harry Potter World’, at the Warner Bros. Studio in London. Together they made plans and bought the tickets.

As the day got closer James’ enthusiasm increased and the excitement built.

Once there, James explored every corner of ‘Harry Potter World’, managing to capture some great photos of his experience.  His day was completed with his favourite, a McDonald’s!

When asked how his day went James commented; “It was fabulous, out of this world.”

The team at De Parys are driven to create moments like this and often say, “This is our place of work and after our shifts we go back to our lives. However, for the individuals we support, this is their lives and we are committed to positively impact their lives every single day.”

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