Investment and development deliver continuous improvement

January 3, 2018

During 2017 Consensus achieved consistently high levels of compliance, as measured by the percentage of our registered services rated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as being either ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ on inspection. Compliance across all CQC registered Consensus services currently stands at 96.4%. In addition Consensus operates a number of other UK based homes, in Scotland and Wales, which are regulated by their relevant statutory bodies. These homes are all fully compliant and therefore overall UK compliance for Consensus is now 96.8% and well in excess of the industry benchmark figures.

However, Consensus can only deliver on its key commitment to continuously improve what it does, by ensuring it targets investment in existing and new services. This has been central to the success of the organisation over the last decade and has seen it establish its position as one of the leading providers of support and accommodation for individuals with a learning disability across the UK.

Consensus is proud of the determination evidenced by all its colleagues working to achieve the best outcomes they can for the individuals supported in both residential and supported living services.This commitment sees the organisation maintain a very strong regulatory position and gives confidence and assurance to individuals, their families and commissioners that Consensus can be trusted as a provider of quality and if appropriate, a long term partner.

In late 2017 Consensus added to the services it already provides, by opening  four new registered flats in Kettering, Northamptonshire, able to support individuals with complex needs to live full and active lives in the community in bespoke individualised accommodation. The development was consistent with the Consensus strategy of providing bespoke accommodation for individuals who may need or more importantly want to live on their own, supported by a dedicated well trained and values driven support team focused on encouraging and developing  greater independence.

Commenting on the opening of the new development Mike Ranson said:

“Our new Weston Villa development is another example of how Consensus can use its expertise, knowledge and experience to create new and exciting accommodation and support opportunities for individuals with complex needs, including in this case, Prader-Willi Syndrome. We know that services such as this, can be vital in supporting individuals with complex needs to gain confidence to live safely within a community setting and to maximise the potential they undoubtedly have, to achieve great things. We are immensely proud of this new development and given the high demand for the flats, feel sure this service will go from strength to strength.”

In 2017, Consensus was also awarded a contract by Hampshire County Council to work with a number of identified individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome and provide specialist support within a supported living service. In other areas of the UK, Consensus has throughout 2017 been asked to provide bespoke supported living support packages to a number of individuals with complex needs. These have been successfully established building on the reputation of existing services and utilising the skills and knowledge of those working within them.

Commenting on these developments, Mike Ranson said:

“Supported living is an important part of what we do and of course CQC acknowledge our excellence in providing this type of support, by recognising some of our services as “Outstanding” in 2017. In response to increasing demand for supported living services we will, where appropriate, broaden and extend what we do in this area although this will not be to the detriment of our residential services which we believe will have an important part to play in the lives of many in future years.”

To emphasise this point, in early 2018, Consensus will be opening two new supported living services in Clacton on Sea and Cheltenham, which again have been developed to offer small scale bespoke accommodation for individuals with complex needs.

Looking further out into 2018 Consensus will begin construction of two major schemes in Camberley and Carshalton which will provide both supported living and residential support, in individual bespoke and purpose built accommodation. In addition opportunities to expand services in the North West are also being actively pursued and will be publicised later in 2018 when further details are available.

But it is not only investment in new developments that is important to Consensus. As James Allen, Managing Director, is keen to emphasise:

“Whilst our new development pipeline is strong and exciting, so too are our plans to change and improve some of our existing services. We have long recognised that some of our more traditional services can be improved through investment that goes beyond normal daily maintenance and we have been successful in the past, in reshaping and repositioning those we felt needed improvement. This strategy will continue into 2018 where we feel we can improve what we currently do.”

Again to support this comment, 2018 will see improvements and further investment in important and existing services in Essex, Wales and Northamptonshire.

Commenting further, James explains;

“Right now Consensus is in good shape to face the many challenges ahead. This is due, in no small measure, to the commitment of the many colleagues working in our services across the UK and by the great managers we have in all parts of the organisation. We are an organisation that is committed to improvement, by changing elements of what we do and by developing new services.  Both are equally important and will help us to deliver on our stated aim of delivering opportunity, choice and success for the individuals we support.”

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