Introducing Dean Gorringe-Hughes

February 3, 2012

Since Dean Gorringe-Hughes was appointed as Manager at Aldeburgh House last year he has done wonders with the service. We decided to interview him to find out the secret of his success!

How long have you been the manager at Aldeburgh?

I have been managing Aldeburgh House in West Mersea since I joined Consensus in July 2011.

Can you give some details of your background?

I have been working in Health and Social Care for 10 years and my experience has been focused on working with Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities and/or Physical Disabilities.

My passion for supporting individuals started when I worked at a school as a teaching assistant supporting individuals aged 16-19 years old. Following this I became a team leader in a residential home providing support to 18 individuals. Once I felt I had the experience I decided to take the challenge of managing a service where individuals were supported to live in their own homes. My position prior to moving to Consensus was managing 4 supported living services across Essex.

What would you say your key skills are?

I believe my leadership qualities are one of my main strengths and feel that leading by example is one of the key reasons why as a team we have achieved somuch since July. I ensure the team I work with provide excellent standards of care and support whilst working with a person centred approach.

Good working relationships with colleagues, external professionals and parents are crucial to our success.

I ensure that I manage my time effectively to develop good relationships with all stakeholders and like to think our parents feel able to talk to us about anything that is on their mind before it becomes a concern. This open dialogue ensures my staff team are pro-active in their approach to care and the outcomes that have been delivered are a clear indicator of this achievement.

“I think Dean is an excellent Manager. He is supportive and makes me feel like a valued member of the team and is always available to speak to when I have a question.” Support Worker – Aldeburgh House

What qualifications do you have?

I have the following qualifications and am constantly working on personal development;

• NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care

• Technical Certificate in Health & Social Care Level 3

• A1 Assessors Award

• NVQ Level 4 in Care

Have you completed any other training?

Yes, training is a key aspect of my job and I ensure my training is as up to date as possible.

Tell me about your team at Aldeburgh House and how you have been so successful?

At Aldeburgh House we have 2 Team Leaders and 11 support workers/night support workers and 3 bank support workers.

Each day is planned and organised by the team leaders according to what our service users are doing throughout the day/week to provide support to the individuals where and when they need it.

I hold monthly team meetings which we use to share the highs and lows of the month and to enable us all to learn from each other and support each other as a team.

All staff attend mandatory training and are also offered the opportunity to attend specific training around epilepsy, autism, communication and any other training that may be useful in their job role.

I ensure that during supervisions personal development is discussed to ensure my staff team are happy and encourage them to discuss their feelings and thoughts openly.

How do you support the individuals using the service?

Individuals are supported in a person centred way ensuring the service is developed around each of the people we support.

Each individual is offered the choice of a key worker and a team leader who oversees and supports. This is regularly monitored to ensure the key worker is the right one for each of our individuals to help them get the most out of each day. Each individual is supported to attend college, day centres and activities of their choice. The key worker will work with the individual to write support plans and risk assessments and carries out a monthly meeting to discuss key areas such as support plans, new goals and talking about concerns.

Building strong relationships with external stakeholders is clearly important to you, why?

It is an important part of our work to ensure that we build good working relationships with external professionals. We want to have an open honest relationship with stakeholders, being proactive regarding our service rather than reactive.

We also recognise the importance of using the knowledge and experience of health professionals and other stakeholders to support us in the work we do with each individual.

What are your plans going forward for Aldeburgh House?

We will continue to work with the person centred approach and support individuals to be involved and have presence within their local community as much as they choose. We work on outcomes – ensuring our individuals achieve the goals important to them. We will continue to support our individuals to achieve their own personal goals enabling them to see for themselves their progress and achievements.

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