Inspiring Individuals at Grammar School

September 14, 2011

Daniel’s Story

One person who is testament to the progress individuals can make at Grammar School is Daniel.

Daniel has learning disabilities and is unable to communicate verbally. To overcome this, Daniel uses Makaton as well as his own unique signs to communicate with support staff.
Young man with learning and physical disabilities
Daniel has always found leaving his ‘home’ environment challenging and crowds of people and children make him feel anxious. This has often led to situations where Daniel suffers from stress including vomiting when he becomes distressed.

By continually assessing Daniel’s needs, support staff at Grammer School discovered that Daniel had, in the past, enjoyed swimming.

The staff at Grammar School arranged for Daniel to visit a local swimming pool so he could become familiar with the environment;by working with pool staff, private swimming sessions were arranged so Daniel could enjoy the water without crowds of people.

The swimming sessions have proved a huge success for Daniel and, though he was slow to get in the pool on his first trip, he was soon splashing about, signing ‘good’ and clapping his hands. After a few months, it was decided that Daniel could try being accompanied by another individual at the pool and he now enjoys his swim with another person supported at Grammar School.

Grammar School staff, Daniel’s family and Daniel himself are all delighted at the progress he has made. As a result of the confidence Daniel has gained through swimming, he has since been able to take walks in the country and a day trip to the seaside and staff are now looking at other activities that he can enjoy.

Comment from Daniel’s support worker:

“Daniel’s story is the perfect example of the importance of spending time to really get to know someone and their needs. By learning about what Daniel enjoyed were able to ensure that he gained confidence in a way that he felt comfortable – we’re so proud of his achievements.”

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*Names have been changed to protect identity