Independence through enablement at Newlands Cottage

June 9, 2011

Staff at Newlands Cottage are focused on empowering the people they support to live more independently.

One example of this is Larry, who works five days a week at nearby Consensus service Tandridge Hill Farm.

Tandridge Hill is a working farm and Larry helps with the animals, works in the gardens and generally contributes to the upkeep of the farm.

Service Manager Dana Thompson says the job, and the salary he receives, help Larry assert his independence:

“It gives Larry the chance to interact with other people and develop his social skills”.

 “By earning money, Larry is able lead a more independent life and it facilitates him going out by himself and buying things he wants like newspapers and things for his room.”

Earlier this year Stuart, another individual supported by Newlands Cottage, went to Florida on holiday. The trip enabled Stuart to not only fulfill a lifelong ambition, but also to confront his fear of flying.

On his trip, accompanied by two support workers, Stuart indulged his love of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and got the chance to swim with dolphins, something he’d always dreamt of doing.

Dana says she has seen a positive change in Stuart since the holiday.

“Stuart had a brilliant time and the chance to see a different country and interact with people has given him a lot more confidence. He’s like a totally different person.

“We strive to give the people we support as many varied experiences as possible and enable everyone to live more independently.”