Inclusive approach gives Roger a confidence boost

July 24, 2018

Roger who is supported by the team at our outstanding service, Norwich Road in Ipswich, recently became involved in Consensus’ values-based recruitment process. In line with organisational values, Consensus actively encourage an inclusive approach in all aspects of support provision and that includes interviewing potential employees.

Roger supported James Allen, Managing Director of Consensus, Eddie Operations Director and Anja HR Business Partner with a recent recruitment drive and told us he found the whole experience empowering and a real confidence boost!! Roger spent time being supported prior to the day determining what questions he would like to ask and then was key to the interview process at the support office in Colchester, as he posed his questions to each candidate. He then provided his feedback on the responses he had received to James, Eddie and Anja adding vital insight to the decision process.

Roger shared, that it has really opened his eyes to just how much the company value the people they support. He says it has given him more strength, empowerment and he is delighted to have discovered something new he really enjoys.

He hopes to continue supporting the company not only to support the service, but to build his own confidence and motivation in all areas of his life. He added “Just because I am labelled in society as having a “disability” this doesn’t stop me from wanting to become the best I can and similarly doing things I enjoy.”

Roger’s Dad, Neil and Sister, Julie are hugely proud of Roger’s commitment and have seen a huge change and a real difference in the way care and support is delivered at Norwich Road since Shayne’s arrival as Manager.

Julie, Rogers sister has since contacted Shayne, Service Manager sharing how delighted she is to hear of Rogers involvement in the recruitment/interview process; “It is great to hear that someone who relies on care and support is part of this process, adding a hugely important perspective. I am sure that this will be of benefit to Roger empowering him to have purpose and hopefully this will improve his confidence and motivation in all areas of his life.”

One of Roger goals for the year was to attend a Pink Floyd Concert and so in recognition of his time to the company James, Managing Director arranged tickets for Roger and a support worker to attend a tribute show. James commented, “It is important that we recognise the time and dedication that Roger has given.”

Julie was delighted with the gesture stating, “Brilliant news!! Well done. It will be amazing and a truly memorable way to celebrate his half century year. Thank you so much for organising this, fantastic!

“It has been an extraordinary time for him recently with his part in recruitment/interviewing process, I am very impressed that he wholeheartedly engaged in this and the vision of yourselves in having a service user as part of the team, very forward thinking.”

The introduction of Values Based Recruitment across Consensus, means we can be more confident that we are recruiting colleagues who share our vision and values and who will further enhance our positive culture and the support we provide.

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