I am so proud I could cry

July 4, 2018

Claire has been supported at The Rivers since July 2011. In May this year she was booked in to attend her first Hydro Therapy session in eight years. This came about when her Key worker Toni researched pools in the local area. It took a lot of time and persistence, but Toni did an amazing job and didn’t stop until they had a trial session booked.

For Claire who has autism and complex needs, being somewhere new represented a change for her and the team had a few reservations about how the experience would go. However, to say the session went well would be an understatement. Claire entered the water with her two supporting team members Charlotte and Kirsty and was immediately swimming on her own. She did several lengths of the pool with our colleagues at her side just holding on occasionally. She used floats initially although these were very quickly put on the side of the pool!

She took to it all like a duck to water amazing everyone that was present. The pool had sensory lights which captured Claire’s attention encouraging her to remain in the pool a little longer. Claire spent a total of 20 minutes in the pool which was a huge achievement for her and the team and they are now hoping this will become a regular activity for Claire.

After the experience Charlotte said; “‘I am so proud of her I could cry, I feel very emotional right now” with Kirsty adding; “I feel so happy for Claire that I could cry, this is literally amazing.”

Toni said; “I didn’t even know she could swim, I can’t believe how well she has done, I’m so pleased we organised this,” to which Eliza, Service Manager added; “‘I am so proud of Claire and the team, this is such a big step forward for all concerned. Massive well done to Claire and the team.”

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