How strong leadership & team spirit transformed life at Heather Holmes

February 4, 2021

When Emma Painter took over as Service Manager of Heather Holmes, a residential service for individuals with learning disabilities, autism and other complex needs, in Desborough, Northamptonshire, little did she know the journey she and the team were about to embark on, the challenges they would encounter – and most poignantly; the team spirit, resilience and positive outcomes that would result.

Now two years on, the positive transformation is clear to see; the service is a happy and vibrant place to be; the support team feel valued and are always buzzing with new ideas to improve the quality of life at the service for the people they support. Likewise, the supported individuals and their families feel, happy, safe and content knowing that their needs, ambitions and ultimately their happiness is at the very heart of everything Emma and the team do.

There are so many great things to say about Heather Holmes that we have put together a newsletter to showcase what life has been like there in the last year…

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