Heartfelt thanks for support in a crisis

July 11, 2018

Early in 2017, Adrian, who is supported by our team at Frinton House near Bexhill-on-Sea, was diagnosed with left breast Cancer. After consultation, his Surgeon decided to take immediate action, completing an emergency operation late that August. The operation entailed a huge amount of pre-planning by the hospital team and colleagues at Frinton House, who in conjunction with Adrian’s Mother were confident in the plans and preparation agreed in best interest meetings.

After only 24 hours in hospital and as agreed, following his emergency surgery Adrian was discharged back to Frinton House. However, very suddenly once home with his support team around him Adrian’s Post- Op wound burst wide open. Due to Adrian’s complex needs and condition and after many discussions the decision was made by the hospital team, family and stakeholders that the Surgeon wouldn’t offer another operation to re-suture the wound.

So, the support team worked effectively with guidance from health professionals to support Adrian’s very specific medical needs in addition to his existing and varied complex needs.

The dedicated team were absolutely delighted that their fast actions, great teamwork and professionalism combined enabled Adrian’s wound to heal extremely quickly, with Health Professionals both amazed with the resulting speed and quality of recovery and the skill and dedication shown by the entire team.

Adrian’s family have since thanked Emily, Service Manager of Frinton House and her entire team detailing the big impact they have had upon Adrian’s life and indeed theirs.

Adrian’s Mother Valerie, wrote a detailed letter, an extract below gives a sense of the appreciation for and regard in which she holds the team;

“I know my son had the very best of care in aiding his recovery from Emily and her team. They worked diligently around the clock, monitoring Adrian and reassuring him.”

Valerie was at the home when Adrian’s wound opened up and recalls;

“I was at Frinton House in the office with Emily, at the time and was gratefully reassured at her professional handling of the crisis! She was constantly on the phone to the Ambulance Service, Adrian’s GP and his Surgeon!

“I am so grateful to Emily and her team for their loving and dedicated input into my Son’s recovery, which is ongoing. I cannot find the words to express my thanks.”

Whilst Adrian was recuperating the team continued to ensure he was offered suitable activities and supported him in reaching a few of his goals that were practical to manage indoors and from home.

The team at Frinton House have continued to receive praise from health professionals including from Jean Duffy the Acute Liaison Nurse LD, at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust in Eastbourne regarding the excellent care they provided for Adrian. They were also delighted to receive a very heartfelt note from Adrian’s step sister Pat;

Dear Emily and the Team,

I have worked in three homes and also visited Arian in the homes he has stayed in over the years, and this is the very best I have seen. The care and love Adrian has received and all the residents, it lifts my heart.

God bless, good health and happiness to you all,


The CQC too has commented on the solutions put in place to care for Adrian in their latest inspection report saying; “They were innovative and imaginative and ensured that the person received the treatment he needed. The treatment, provided, demonstrated a person-centred approach that meant the person received the complex treatment they needed in the safety of their own home by staff they felt secure and comfortable with.”

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