Happy Pride Month – Consensus Celebrate Individuality

June 13, 2022

At Consensus, we know Pride isn’t just a month – it’s something we should embody every day. So instead of changing our logo to a rainbow for 30 days, we’re taking action towards creating a safer, more welcoming environment for members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

We aim to create a supportive, inclusive environment for all our supported individuals, team members and visitors where they can fully embrace and express themselves in all aspects of their identities.

Our Workplace Wellbeing Lead, Erica Dowell, is leading the creation of a peer support network within Consensus help make sure we listen to the voices of the community they are supporting and take action that will actually make a positive impact on their lives and lead to a more supportive, mentally healthy future.

We have also been ensuring that the people in our services are supported in having conversations about their sexuality or identity with their support teams.

Spotify PRIDE Playlist

Erica has also been curating a Pride Playlist – all our services, supported individuals and colleagues from across the country have been collaborating on creating a playlist full of songs that remind them of what pride means to them. We know that music can bring us together in amazing ways, and hope this will bring us all closer and remind us of the amazing diversity we see every day. You can download Spotify for free and then search for ‘Team Consensus’ and the playlist should come up.

Happy Pride Month!

Windsor Avenue – Pride Decorations