Gwynfors ultimate 80’s weekend

August 8, 2015

Gwynfor, an individual supported at Ty Hendy was out shopping at Christmas time and saw a brochure for a holiday park. He got very excited and talked about it a lot.

Support Workers sat down with Gwynfor in the weeks following and went through all the things he wanted from a holiday. Gwynfor made a list of his favourite things to do, which included watching shows and eating in cafes and being by the seaside. Working with this list, and his budget, we looked at the options available. After much thought, we decided that Butlins in Minehead fitted the bill!

Gwynfor enjoys Adults Company and loves music and shows, so a weekend of 80’s music was perfect! It was to be Gwynfor’s first holiday since living at Ty Hendy, but it was something he loved doing with his family in the past.

So why Butlins?
Butlins, ticked all the boxes. As Gwynfor is a wheelchair user a location with stairs or uneven surfaces would have proved a struggle. Butlins offer fully adapted units with wheelchair friendly wet rooms, and accessible areas in the entertainment rooms. Because of the ease of access, Gwynfor would be able to relax and fully enjoy his break. Together Gwynfor and his support workers found a half board option which meant that he would have the ‘Cafe experience’ twice a day, It is near the seaside, and it was a weekend that catered specifically for adults and there were shows every night.

Even though Gwynfor has expressed his interest in going on holiday around Christmas time he wanted to be able to wear shorts so he waited a while for the weather to get warmer. After making sure the money was there to book and pay, a holiday package was found that suited Gwynfor’s needs, and the things he wanted to do on his holidays. Support workers kept Gwynfor as involved as possible. Checking that this was exactly what he wanted to do. Needless to say…Gwynfor was excited as soon as it was booked and he couldn’t wait to start his holiday clothes shopping!

After packing all of Gwynfor’s clothes and their own suitcases, they didn’t travel light, everyone drove down together in a minibus!

So how did Gwynfor enjoy his holiday? In his own words read his review:

“I went with two members of staff to Butlins, Minehead on holidays. It was an ultimate 80’s theme and adults only weekend. I enjoy music and like eating out in café’s or restaurants. I prefer adult company and places where there are few children around or none.

On holidays we went to the town to the amusements and local shops. Walked down the sea front. We had premiere dining, the food was lovely. Saw steam trains and visited the fair.

In the night there were shows on that I danced to over the three nights we were there. Had fun partying with all the adults that were there and afterwards had a hotdog and lemonade before heading back to a luxury apartment.”


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