Graham’s creativity ensures a great event

November 14, 2017

Graham lives in a modern five bedroom detached house named Little Smugglers in Crawley Down, West Sussex and has been there since 2006, he is a keen craftsman who has a vast amount of knowledge around machinery and all kinds of crafts which he develops in his workshop which is located in the grounds of Little Smugglers.

With a caring, positive and enthusiastic team there is a young, vibrant atmosphere and Little Smugglers prides itself on the many activities it offers to meet people’s goals and aspirations.  The service buzzes with life and energy.

Graham recently given himself the responsibility of preparing a ‘Disney’ themed party with the assistance of support workers at Little Smugglers which was held one Saturday in September 2017.

In preparing for the ‘Disney’ event, Graham created sign-posts and cut-outs which were used as props for pictures and entertainment for all who attended, this fun fuelled day combined with some lovely weather, provided everyone an opportunity to relax and enjoy all the activities available.

The activities had everyone joining in, with each person trying something different and making the most of the sunshine. Graham ensured there were a variety of activities available on the day such as; listening to music, having photos taken utilising the cut-outs, playing with the ball and enjoying a brilliant barbeque that Graham also organised.

Overall he ran a very successful event, which was well attended and enjoyed by all who managed to come along. He loved to see all of the people happy and enjoying themselves on this day and with support would like to plan another day like this again.

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