Golden Moment for The Heathers

August 9, 2018

The Heathers in Kettering, recently had its annual visit by an organisation known as the ‘Quality Checkers’. The Northants NHS Quality Checkers visit local social care services and homes, every year, to check on the care and support given to supported individuals who are funded by Northants Health Authority (NHA). Karen, on behalf of the NHA arranges the audits and is accompanied by an ‘Expert by Experience’, who this year was Paul.

The audit itself was carried out in the service by Karen and Paul. They spoke with Roger, the only health funded individual living at The Heathers currently. As Roger is non-verbal he was unable to answer any of their questions, but Karen and Paul met him, spoke with Kelly his keyworker and then looked through his support plans. Karen, then invited Paul to ask any additional questions, which he then posed to Kelly. Both Karen and Paul were very pleased with Kelly’s answers.

Karen and Paul then left and together compiled a report. The Heathers have since received their report and are delighted to share some of the positive feedback below;

Paul had said “I don’t have any recommendations, we saw lots of photos on the walls, in the kitchen area there was a tree with lights that had photos of the resident’s and what their wishes are, I thought it was amazing. We went to Roger’s room, I thought it was fabulous because the first things are his special handmade blanket, he is a big football fan, Ipswich, he framed named players on the wall. He had a blackboard on the wall with things about him, and what he likes etc. He had a 1970s floor lamp, like on a film set, we really liked. We went into the living room to speak to the staff member, she was lovely, she answered all the questions well, gave me good eye contact and knew Roger inside out. She was really good to work with, If I worked with her, I would look up to her.”

In the report, Karen and Paul also stated; “We were impressed with this staff members’ response to the abuse questions. This staff member answered these questions with complete confidence, and we are very pleased that she said that she would call the police as not all services are saying this, and this is becoming a concern.”

Paul continued; “I have no recommendations, I think the home is very good because Roger had everything, he had what he had to remember things by, like the photos and football and things on the blackboard and DVDs.”

A highlight in the report for Chris, the Manager of The Heathers, was; “This manager is always positive about the quality checks and staff said he is very supportive. The manager answered the questions well, we really liked where he listed the skills staff needed, it is so much better than just listing what training is needed etc.”

The Heathers has now been issued with a Gold Certificate following five annual quality checks which have now all resulted in no further recommendations.

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