Glorious gold for quality

June 7, 2018

Blossoms and Polwell Lane recently received ‘Gold Awards’ from the Northamptonshire Quality Checkers.

The Quality Checkers are individuals with disabilities, who have lived in residential services. They are supported and are tasked to ask supported individuals a range of questions about where they live and what they get up to e.g. going on holiday and how they feel they are supported by their team. They will also talk with colleagues if any supported individuals have communication difficulties. They have a separate set of questions for employees about their knowledge and training for the job role, and what they know about the individuals they support. Speaking to Service Managers they get to understand their knowledge, experience, training qualifications etc. The individuals who work with the local authority in this way carry out audits in local services and produce a report.

You can only receive a ‘Gold Award’ if you have had no actions from their visits in the past year. Both Blossoms and Polwell Lane were awarded ‘Gold’ an amazing achievement as Gold Awards are very rarely given out. To date Polwell Lane have an inspiring five years of quality audits by the Northampton Quality Checkers with no recommendations and Blossom has one.

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