Gemma’s cooking up a storm

November 15, 2017

As the whirlwind of baking swept the nation, the ‘Great British Bake Off’ embraced the hearts of many, one of whom was Gemma, she warmed to the stories of triumphant carrot cakes and felt the pain of a ‘saggy bottom.

When Mary Berry left, she was worried that it was a void too big to fill, but Sandys’, dry wit and Noels’ quirky warmth, soon settled any fears.

The drama that followed week in and week out engrossed Gemma, she had caught the GBBO bug and wanted to try her hand at making some delectable cupcakes and some fantastic fairy cakes, she started with support team colleagues and made some healthy option cakes, and they were a roaring success.

She was so proud of what she had achieved, she then made flapjacks and muffins and oaty cookies.

Not content with keeping her skills to herself, Gemma decided to arrange a bake off, she helped design the poster and has asked Debbie, the Regional Manager for Consensus, to be the Judge. She has selected her spoon of choice, selected the theme and has sent out the posters inviting people to take part.

She is excited, hoping for as many people as possible to take part and will be in charge of presenting the winner with a certificate and prize. Gemma chose to have the competition on the day of the Christmas Party and for the theme to be Christmas.

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