Gaining valuable insights and knowledge as Professor Tony Holland CBE visits our PWS homes

January 26, 2017

Senior colleagues and the team who provide excellent support for individuals living in our PWS services through Gretton Homes were delighted that Professor Tony Holland, CBE spent almost an entire day with them this week.

During a very productive day, time was spent talking about how Consensus’ PWS Services manage people who challenge and the difficulties that are often encountered with attempting to minimise the risk of discharge. Colleagues shared their experiences from a service and area perspective.

Senior colleagues from the Positive Behaviour Support Team and Operations gave the wider Consensus perspective of describing what we do as a group, highlighting services where we already provide support around some very complex and challenging needs.

The group also spent time with Tony talking about ‘Schizo Effective Disorder’ and how it impacts on people supported in our PWS Services. Several colleagues from the PWS services and PBIT team joined this session, finding the discussions hugely informative and insightful.

Tony then visited our newly refurbished Holland House named in his honour. He was very touched by the gesture and spent time having a guided tour led by Demelza, who is supported there. He met and chatted with others both living and working at Holland House and next door at Bannigans. He said he would be delighted to accept Holland House’s invitation to attend a summer BBQ where many parents of people supported across our services would also be present later in 2017.

Kathryn Clarke, Head of Strategy and Operations, Gretton Homes when describing the time she spent with this remarkable man said;

“As always it was good to meet up with Tony and to be able to share information and experiences of some of the people we support in respect of their behaviours, the challenges of them living together, the impact of the MCA and DOLS regarding capacity in PWS, how Mental Health impacts on their wellbeing and what future living options we may consider.

His overview and the subsequent discussion about ‘Schizo Effective Disorder’ were informative and gave the Gretton team, who attended, a better understanding and insight. Tony knowing the individuals we support was of great benefit too.”

We value the time and expertise of Professor Tony Holland and will be using these valuable insights to improve yet further our capabilities and approach in supporting people living with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

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