Newly Hatched Chicks!

June 9, 2011

2011 got off to an egg-cellent start for the people supported at Polwell Lane, Heather Holmes and Windsor Avenue who took part in a project to hatch out 10 chicks.

The project was the result of a successful collaboration between Happy Chicks, a company providing the equipment and the eggs, and Consensus.

Everyone was involved in the hatching and care of the chicks and showed great devotion in ensuring the animals were happy and healthy.

It was a wonderful experience for everyone supported at these services to be part of this project rearing, feeding and caring for the chicks, and the new arrivals were warmly welcomed by everyone.

Newborns are usually returned to Happy Chicks after a few days but luckily one of the staff at Polwell Lane has experience raising chickens and volunteered to give them a new home meaning that everyone can visit the chickens and watch them grow to hens. And who knows, maybe lay eggs of their own…