Five go to the Royal Welsh Show

July 31, 2018

Five people with learning disabilities and complex needs from Consensus’ Ty Hendy residential service thoroughly enjoyed a twelve hour long outing to the Royal Welsh Show, hosted at the showground in Llanelwedd.

A great deal of planning had preceded the day with each person supported firstly being made aware of the event through multiple methods including the written, spoken word and sign language. Once interest had been secured by a small group the team ensured all risks were identified and a plan and processes put in place to enable the day was a success for everyone. The five tickets were purchased and free tickets for accompanying support workers were requested. A suitable vehicle was identified which would meet the needs of each person planned to be on board.

On the day of the show a place became free and so the team, keen not to waste the space, invited an individual who was spending some time at Ty Hendy on respite. They contacted family members to discuss the opportunity, permissions and practicalities. Having agreed all parties were happy and ensuring everyone’s needs could still be met the team prepared everything and everyone. The five individuals were accompanied by five of the support team from the residential service.

As the weather had been very hot and was likely to remain that way for the outing the team made sure plenty of refreshments and sunscreen were onboard the minibus prior to departure and in rucksacks. Spirits were high amongst the party who were well prepared for their forty-minute journey to the event. Such was the excitement, one individual shouted for staff to hurry, another punching the air and David sitting at the back barely able to contain his excitement. The team were delighted to be taking them all and were keen to get the bus on the road too, setting off at 8.30am.

Billed as the pinnacle event in the British agricultural calendar, the show consists of an exciting four-days of livestock competitions, with entries from far and wide, and offers something to interest everyone through its wide range of activities including forestry, horticulture, crafts, countryside sports, shopping, food and drink and a 12-hour programme of exciting entertainment, attractions and displays.

One supported person, David, has a passion for tractors and so the team made sure he was able to see the machinery on exhibition and view all the activities and displays that included them. Not only did David see his favourite red tractor, he also bought one, in miniature of course. He loves it and has asked one of the support team to put up a shelf in his bedroom, so he can display it, once he has stopped taking it out and about with him!

Arriving home at 8.30pm the outing proved a huge hit with everyone. Getting out and being a part of their community, learning more about the life and culture in their area brings benefits to the people supported at Ty Hendy. The opportunity to meet new people, socialise, try new foods, experience all the show has to offer, boosts confidence, interest and awareness and is already leading to conversations about new activities and places to visit.

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