Demonstrating creative skills at residential service Kingarth

April 11, 2022

Kingarth, located in Greater Manchester, provides a nursing led residential service to support males with learning disabilities, autism and complex needs, including mental health issues and additional nursing needs. At Kingarth there is a key focus on ensuring the people who live there take part in activities that are meaningful to them, where arts and crafts appear to be top of the agenda. Read more to find out what the people who live there have been up to…

Kingarth’s Halloween Mural 🎨

Some of the artistic support workers at Kingarth painted an amazing Halloween mural in the services’ dining room and the supported individuals got involved too. Amanda, Deputy Service Manager at Kingarth says, “It was great seeing the people we support get stuck in and to see their faces each day as the mural grew. We took a photo of the mural before we painted over it, and then had it made into a jigsaw. The team and the supported individuals then completed the puzzle which is now framed on our wall.” The wall is now a fantastic mismatch of colourful shapes, which the supported individuals also helped paint. You can see Brian proudly showing off his handywork in the photo.

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

At Kingarth promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle is crucial. Healthy eating sessions are frequently planned to ensure the men who live there continue to look after their overall health and wellbeing, where delicious fruits, and vegetables are often on the menu. The photo says it all – healthy means happy!

Getting involved in ‘National’ days🐿🦖

Throughout the months of lockdown, the team supported the individuals to ‘feed the squirrels of Greater Manchester’ by making their very own DIY squirrel feeders. They had great fun watching the squirrels feast on the food provided. Keeping animals as the common theme, on ‘National Dinosaur Day’ the team also helped them create dinosaur paintings which were then proudly displayed on the service’ walls in an array of colours. “It was activities like this that kept us all going throughout the months of lockdown” Amanda recalls.

Thank you, Team Kingarth, for sharing your wonderful artwork with us! Amanda says, “We are very proud of the work we do and it’s lovely to show some of it off.” Service manager Michelle adds “And an extra thankyou to Jenny who is our activity coordinator, without her the work here it wouldn’t be possible!”

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