De Parys: Helping people live the lives they choose.

June 15, 2015
De Parys - British Heart Foundation

At 22 De Parys Avenue we actively encourage people to live the life they choose for themselves. Brian wanted to get a job to be an active member of his local community. Brian sat with staff to talk about his employment interests, what skills and abilities he has, and what sort of role he would like. Brian then completed a CV with support of staff which he could then hand out to any prospective employers. Brian made the decision he would like to work in the charitable sector as he enjoys shopping in charity shops and felt this would be a good way to make a valuable contribution. Next, Brian completed applications for several local charities and was invited to three different job interviews. Brian was then offered a voluntary role at the British Heart Foundation. He now works there three days a week. Brian really enjoys his role and he says the highlights are “meeting new people, being part of a team, and organising and helping to sell all the unique items in the store”

Brian’s long-term goal now is to use the skills he is developing to get a paid job.

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