De Parys gets ready for the polls

March 30, 2015

With the General Election approaching fast, one Consensus service has made sure that the people they support can voice their opinions and place their votes.

As well as providing information on the candidates and parties, the support team at De Parys, in Bedford, have developed their own ‘Voting Tracker’ to ensure that everyone at the service has the chance to vote in the upcoming election.

Service Manager Jessica Winkworth explained the thought behind the initiative:

‘We all felt it was important to make sure that the people we support are fully informed on their options and have every possible opportunity to have their say on who will run the country for the next five years.’

The support team are using the tracker to record whether the people they support are registered to vote, as well as whether they actually exercise that right to vote.

Many of those involved are now watching the election countdown with interest and looking forward to Thursday 7th May, when they will head to the polls to make that all important decision.


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