Daniel’s trip to Butlin’s

October 20, 2017

During September, Daniel chose to go on a long weekend break to Butlin’s with support workers Angela and Jasmina. Supported on a 1:1 basis, Daniel packed all his clothes and toiletries. When ready to leave he was supported putting his things in the car and Dean, another colleague kindly drove that day. When they arrived at Butlin’s around late afternoon we made our way to the chalet and Daniel went straight away to his room, signing thumps up that he liked it.

Daniel signed that he wanted Jasmina to help him to unpack his bags and put his clothes in his wardrobe. Having unpacked Daniel signed that he was hungry and chose to eat at a burger restaurant near the Pavilion. He chose his food and drink and once finished he signed thumps up that he had enjoyed it. After dinner they went to the Pavilion to see what shows were on.

On the way, Daniel chose to visit a toy shop to buy ‘Thomas the Tank’ books and ‘Elsa’ from Frozen. Angela assisted Daniel with paying for his things at the till. With purchases complete Daniel chose to sit at the Pavilion as there was a sing-along show taking place. When the entertainers started singing Daniel pointed to every song, whilst enjoying his favourite drink of coke. When the show had finished Daniel decided it was time to go back to the chalet.

Once back at the chalet he put the things away that he had bought, put on his pyjamas and relaxed watching TV in the lounge with Angela and Jasmina. He then spent a little time looking through his ‘Thomas the Tank’ books with Angela and Jasmina before retiring to bed a while later.

The following morning at around 9:30am, Daniel got himself washed, dressed and chose to walk to Ingomels, walking along the beach and taking in the scenery. On the way Daniel found a café where he selected and enjoyed some breakfast. Once at Ingomels he looked at various DVD, toy, book and clothes shops choosing to buy eight DVD’s, a t-shirt, socks and a hat along with some Jaffa and lemon cakes. Angela again supported Daniel to buy his things at the till. Very happy with his purchases Daniel was very smiley. Deciding to head back to the chalet after a busy morning walking and shopping around 2:20pm, Daniel took his DVD’s to his room and had a good look through them.

Later Daniel chose to go to the ‘All you can eat’ restaurant and even chose to have a dessert which he doesn’t usually eat and signed thumps up!

Dinner then finished Daniel chose to watch a programme at the Skyline Pavilion and signed each of the characters while he was watching. He was really happy watching the show and lots of pictures were taken. After the show he walked around a few arcade shops and had a drink at the Pavilion. Daniel signed to go back to the chalet around 7pm that night, electing to have a little quiet time watching the King Kong movie on TV.

Sunday morning Daniel woke up bright and early, again getting himself washed and dressed and went to the ‘Deck’ restaurant for breakfast and ate very well.

He took a walk to the Pavilion again hoping to explore the toy shop, however as it was Sunday and still early Daniel sat chatting to Angela and Jasmina, whilst waiting for the shop to open at 10am. Once open Daniel selected a favourite character to purchase, with a thumbs up and smiles all round!

Next they headed off to play Crazy Golf, where Daniel was shown how and where to hit the ball. He really enjoyed going around each of the pods until finished and signed thumps up when he was done. After a busy few days, Daniel completed the weekend with a trip to watch another show at the Pavilion and taking a quick nap at the chalet before they all packed up and headed back home.

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