Craig’s big night out

June 28, 2018

Craig who lives at Phoenix House was approaching his 30th Birthday and with it being a special birthday, he wanted to do something that he would remember.

Craig is very assured of his own mind and this means that it is very easy to assist him with activities of choice. He knows what he likes and is not afraid to tell you what he doesn’t. There were a couple of conversations as to what he would like to do to mark this special occasion, but Craig was very clear throughout that he would like to go to Northampton and visit a Gentleman’s Club. Craig had been before and had particularly enjoyed it and was sure that this was where he wanted to go.

So, during these discussions, the team outlined all the things that he would need to do in preparation of this happening. Together they worked out how much money he would need and subsequently, worked with Craig to create a budgeting plan, which made sure he knew how much he needed to save each week, to leave him with sufficient monies.

The team discussed which colleagues Craig would prefer to support him and we assured him that the rota would reflect his choice. He wanted to amend his normal support hours, so that he could go and stay as long as he liked. So, we discussed where he would like to make the changes to his hours and once all the formalities had been completed all that remained was the long wait until the big day arrived!

Craig would agree that during this time his anxieties had reduced, and his general mood had been noted as being much happier. He felt this was because he had something to look forward to. In thinking about the day Craig had asked that those supporting him to the Gentleman’s Club went dressed smartly. In keeping with his request both colleagues went in shirt, trousers and waistcoat, even wearing pocket watches. Craig was taking this seriously.

Craig spent the evening there and left when he felt ready- this was important as he had stated he didn’t want to feel rushed whilst there. On his journey back, he was talking about what a great time he had and that it is something he would consider doing again. In the days afterwards, it is this event that has appeared to have made his birthday feel complete and we know Craig feels particularly proud of all the preparation and lead up to the event, was led by Craig. It helped him realise that the sacrifices he made when saving, made the event he was saving for, much more rewarding.


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