Consensus supports Autism Awareness Week

March 29, 2017

Consensus are passionate about helping the people we support to explore and take up work based opportunities and today we are launching a new guide.

During autism awareness week we want to raise awareness around how people with autism and learning disabilities can be supported to achieve their work based aspirations and how securing safe and supportive opportunities can make a real difference to achieving success.

Nationally around 16% of people with autism and learning disability are in full time paid work. Consensus are pleased to be improving on that rate and have 32.7% of people we support in some form of work, based on a recent survey of 162 individuals.

We are delighted to be launching our guide which shares how Consensus supports individuals to seek and achieve success in work opportunities. Individuals share their experiences, from initial discussions about work, to looking for the right role and opportunity with the right employer.

We also offer some top tips, on how to support people with autism and learning disabilities into work.

World Autism Awareness Week is a great opportunity for autistic people and their advocates to draw attention to the need for understanding and for appropriate support and Consensus is pleased to be part of that work.

Download our guide here